Switching Roles

Switching Roles with GameCommanderPro from Jeremy on Vimeo.

Welcome to GameCommanderPro.com

GCP is the most comprehensive multi boxing program available. It has a simple mode to get you started, but has the power to support you as your skills and experience grow. We stand by our product with the best support in the industry. In addition to our forums and email, we have live support via chat or remote connection. We're here to make sure you get the best experience of multiboxing.

Site Rebuild

We have had to rebuild the site because of spam attacks on the forum (the site and forum used the same database). We are rebuilding the forum at the moment. Sorry for any inconvenience. Please email us at support@gamecommanderpro.com if you have any comments or need help with the software.

Thanks for your support and comments.

The GCP Team

Getting started

View Documentation Here
See Getting started guide - on the GCP Wiki
And Getting started guide - video (work in progress)
New to multiboxing?
- See our "getting started with multiboxing" guides

Download Program Here


GCP needs .net 3.5 or greater to run
- Newer operating systems include it (Vista/7)
- if yours does not you can download from Microsoft.
- Search for ".net 3.5 download"
View Release Notes Here

Buy GameCommanderPro

Just $29.95 for the program and one years licence and support.
- Renewal is $14.95 (we will not charge this automatically)
Our 10 day money back Guarantee:
In addition to the normal Paypal methods for refunding we offer the following:
If you have any issues with GCP tell us about it.
If we can't solve your issue via the forums or an on-line session within 24 hours,
we'll refund your payment.


“I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at game commander pro for creating this amazing program and for being so quick and curtious with responding to all my questions. I am new to multi boxing and am easily over whelmed by technical problems and thanks to your program and people my game play experience has increased by at least 100%. I will be purchasing this before the trial expires and will recomend it to everyone I play with, even those who think they could never multi box because really anyone can use this program sucessfully! Thank you again!.”

— naveed (Quote 1)

“First, I'm very pleased so far (2 days) with the Beta versions of GCP. The response, support, etc has been incredible. Look forward to the next 60 levels (x2 groups) now! For those new to dual/multiboxing, I think you can't go wrong with GCP. I have a little advice for you all though...start this new endeavor with patience and an open mind. It is a totally new mindset. Everything you do you have to think "for two" and expand your mind. This is a powerful tool, and I'm sure you can do just about everything you could need to, but it will take a bit of effort, and some time. There is no such thing as a free lunch! Thanks again Phil, Jeremy, et al!.”

— VonHenry (Quote 2)

“This software is simply amazing. It's worth the little extra time to get to know it. And the design team is great at answering questions and fixing bugs. I love those guys!.”

— BlueGriffon (Quote 3)

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— Christopher Hitchens (Quote 6)