Game Comander Pro Features

1) Window Control

Allows simple window manipulation and multiple layouts.

2) Spell Management

Fill in a simple form, click a button and GCP will create macros and key bindings and automatically send these too all your characters.

3) In Game Display

Displays important information about each of your characters, giving you the status of all your characters without having to look at other windows.

4) Easy Key Binding

Point-and-click key bindings and highlights used keys and their current assignments.

5) Advanced Macros

Advanced users can create powerful macros using GCP's enhanced macro facility.

6) Simple Spell Sequences (Rotations)

Allows users to visually configure complex spell sequences on a timeline display.

7) Simple Fast Configuration

A 5 minutes wizard asks you a few questions and then sets up a complete game playing system including macros, key bindings, screen settings, etc.